With the Church by Mother Mary Loyola


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Advent to the Ascension
By Mother Mary Loyola
With a preface by Rev. Herbert Thurston, SJ
Softcover – 380pp
Printed in USA

Has nihil obstat and imprimatur

Now for the first time in nearly a century, this classic set of meditations on the Liturgical Year are back in print! Written while Mother Loyola was bedridden with a hip fracture, these devotions bring us the urgency of living our life With the Church, for we “know not the day nor the hour.” With a reflection for each day of the stated Church year (Advent – Ascension) you’ll love being close to the heart of the Church, and thus close to the heart of God himself. Place into the cart or wish list above.

The Irish Monthly back in 1924 had this to say about “With the Church”:

Father Thurston tells us that forty years ago Mother Loyola, when bringing out anonymously her first book on Holy Communion, and being anxious to get ecclesiastical recommendation for it, asked him to write a short preface. The favourable reception accorded by the Catholic public to the numerous books which she has brought out since that time has amply justified Fr. Thurstons judgment in recommending the authoresss work. This latest book of hers consists of a series of reflections on the feasts of the year from Advent to the Ascension. Her thoughts are always well-grounded and ingenious, and their expression is clear and graceful, with a strong personal charm. They are musings jotted down just as they occur to her devotional spirit and not simply as dictated by a resolution to follow a certain line.


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